“…Allie Mitchell & Scottie Garrison were both 2 years old when Dani died. Joseph Garrison was the only person in town that had anything in common with Caleb…”

That’s right folks – baby Allie was mentioned in the new post over at HEARSAYtheBLOG today, which means you get a sneak peek from the novel!

“What you did was very dangerous,” Scottie’s dad said as he drove the two of them home. “Going down to that place. You could have gotten yourself killed.”

Pop had called him. “He’s your son, Joseph. He is your responsibility. So you better march on down here right now and deal with this.”

And he had come. He had actually come. Scottie was sharing a car with his father, breathing in the same air. Would he stay for dinner? Scottie wondered. Mom would love that.

“I don’t understand what’s going on with you these days,” his father said.

“You wouldn’t, would you?” Scottie asked. Then felt a pang in his stomach as his father’s lips curled downwards. He’d hurt his feelings. Would he leave again? Disappear for another few years?

“Scottie, I-“

“I went on a ride-along with Brant the other night,” Scottie said. He straightened a little in his seat, beaming.

“Did Pop know about it?”

“Pop was proud of me,” Scottie said. “I’m going to become Detective one day. Soon. And then maybe after that I’ll become Sheriff.”

“Have you put anymore thought into college?”

“I don’t need to go to college to become Detective.” Scottie turned his attention to the window. His father was supposed to be proud of him, not picking apart his dreams.

“You could be the first Garrison to get out of this town,” his dad continued.

“I love this town. Why would I want to leave?”

“And maybe take Allie with you.”

Scottie shot his gaze back to his father. He could feel heat coming off his cheeks. “There you go, just like the rest of them.  It’s always about Allie.”

“She was your friend. Your best friend. Don’t you remember the tree house and the walkie-talkies? The science club?”

“Her father is a murderer,” Scottie mumbled.

His dad hit the brakes and gripped the steering wheel. “I will not have a son of mine contributing to that lie,” he said, staring at Scottie. “Do you hear me?”

Scottie suppressed the grin that was creeping onto his face. His father never yelled at him, never looked at him. He turned back to the window. Stared at the house beside them. A porch-swing lulled in the evening calm.

This concludes your first sneak peek. For more information on the murder of Allie’s mother, please visit HEARSAYtheBLOG.


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