“…’But seriously – you, Allie, potty-seat.’ Dani had mastered the subject change when she herself was in diapers….”

That’s right folks – baby Allie was mentioned in the new post over at HEARSAYtheBLOG today, which means you get a sneak peek from the novel!

The door flew open. Meredith poked her head outside. Eyeliner smeared into her baby crow’s feet, hair-tie dangling from her unkempt hair, couch pillow patterns pressed into her face. Allie noticed the pathetic grin on Meredith’s face – her usual attempt to play it cool when Brant was around. Allie didn’t understand why Meredith tried so hard to hide her feelings for Brant, everyone in town knew about the pathetic crush. It might as well be in the school’s textbooks.

Brant held up the bag of weed as a simple explanation for his visit. Meredith strained to see its contents, as once again the porch light was burnt out. When she recognized what she was looking at, her neck veered towards Allie. “Inside. Now.”

Allie stumbled into the house, acquiring a bruise from the coffee table along the way. She heard Meredith say, “Wonder where she got that from?” Then, the door slammed. Mm, a healthy dose of good cop bad cop to end the evening, Allie thought. She knew Mer didn’t care about the weed; she was just trying to impress Brant with her excellent parenting skills.

Allie stood in the doorway of the freezer, scooping ice cream into a bowl. She couldn’t shake the thought of Jay. There was something with Jay, something other than the vomit.

And then she felt Meredith creep up behind her and knew that the woman was just standing there, twirling her earring between her thumb and pointer finger, contemplating her approach. Allie brushed past her, searching for goodies to adorn her ice cream. A little whipped cream. A few sprinkles. Maybe a cherry. Hmm maybe no cherry, but definitely some chocolate syrup. Back to the fridge.

“You’re going,” Meredith said.

Allie slammed the fridge door shut and spun to face Meredith. She could feel heat rising from her face as her cheeks flushed with rage. “You’re f—ing kidding, right?”


“I’m not going.”

“We’ve been putting this off for too long. It’ll be good for you.”

“I took the prison field trip already. They tried the old let’s scare the kids from coming down this path thing. But guess what, I already knew that I wasn’t heading there. You know why? Because I’m not a f—ing murderer.”

“He’s your father,” Meredith said.

“For all I care, he’s a sperm donor.”

Allie stormed up the stairs. Why would she want to visit her father now, if it had never been a priority up until this point? They had never once been to see him. Meredith had never even brought it up until just last month. Why now?

If Allie had known that tonight’s focus was going to veer towards her father, she would have stolen a pack of cigarettes from Brant’s glove box.

This concludes your sneak peek. For more information on the murder of Allie’s mother, please visit HEARSAYtheBLOG.


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