“…the neighbors said that she was gone a lot, but she never took Allie with her. They believe that she was trying to leave him, but she was trying not to screw over her custody rights.”….”

That’s right folks – baby Allie was mentioned in the new post over at HEARSAYtheBLOG today, which means you get a sneak peek from the novel!

The pounding on Brant’s door sounded like hooves, like a damn horse was trying to break it’s way in.

As he got closer, Brant could hear a shrieking Meredith, “Brant! Let me in! Let me in!” Maybe the horses were trying to knock her over and she was desperately seeking cover.

He pulled open the door and Meredith fell into the foyer. No horses, though.

“She’s reading it. She’s been reading it,” Meredith gasped. She pushed on the side of her ribs, trying to catch her breath.

“Reading what?” Brant said. He walked back into his den and Meredith galloped after him.

“My book. But it’s not working. She hasn’t gone to see her father.”

Brant stopped. He turned to face her. “Meredith, slow down.” He rested a calming hand on her shoulder. “What are you talking about?” He hoped he wouldn’t have to have sex with her this time, she was already all sweaty and smelly from her panic.

“The book. My book.”

“What book?” he asked.

“The book about Dani. About…who killed her.”

Brant removed his hand from her shoulder. He thought about slapping her, knocking some sense into her. But he could never. Instead he muttered, “What are you, stupid?”

“She was supposed to see her father. That’s all.” Meredith winced as if she was waiting for the slap. As if she actually thought he was capable of that.

“How could you not tell me this? Run it by me?”

“I’m sorry, Brant. I just-“

“You think Coral Key Place was a coincidence? You think she just happened to run into Kevin Jones’s widow the same day she reads your little tale? How much does she know? What did you write?”

This concludes your sneak peek. For more information on the murder of Allie’s mother, please visit HEARSAYtheBLOG.


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