“…’Watch it,’ Caleb said. ‘There’s a toddler in the room.’ I looked down at Allie – so peaceful, so unaware of her mother’s current condition….”

That’s right folks – baby Allie was mentioned in the new post over at HEARSAYtheBLOG today, which means you get a sneak peek from the novel!

Allie knew Brant would work his magic on the Kevin Jones situation. She just had to plant a little kernel of motivation under his department-issued shoes and wait for it to pop.

Tori Smith’s death came with a pretty obvious connection and motive, so not too much to do there, but what about Sean Messina? Where was he back then? Why wasn’t he in the phone book? If Allie could just prove that Sean knew about her father’s affair, she’d have Caleb attached to two murders. Sure it was an obvious connection, but an investigation without proof is just a theory.

What about Tori’s parents? Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Did they remember Sean Messina? All Allie had to do was call them up, tell them she was writing a paper for her criminal justice class, and ask a few questions. No doubt this was a common occurrence for them. Sure they’d probably ungracefully shooed away a number of pest-y reporters in their day, but what harm could a little high school girl present?

Allie pulled the phone book’s “S”  page out of her folder and stared at the circled name. Who owned purple pens anyways? She glanced quickly at her pen cup – a purple highlighter and an array of other colored gel pens, but no-

Meredith burst through the door. “I heard you kids were down at Coral Key Place. You trying to score some drugs?”

“No. I’m not trying to score drugs. You really think I’m some kind of an addict, huh? I only take a hit here and there.” At least she was being honest.

“You have no need to use drugs, Al. You need an escape, huh? From what? Do you have a child to take care of? Do you have bills you can’t meet? No, you have homework and bullies – trust me, we all dealt with that and most of us made it through without the use of drugs. I always did.”

“Did you grow up without a mother? With a father who’s in jail? With classmates who’re convinced you’re a murderer?”

“Don’t listen to those kids, Al. Sticks and stones, right?”

“Sticks and f—ing stones? You’re sh—ing me.”

“Language, Al.”

“Omigosh you’re insane.”

“I made eggs, why don’t you come eat.”

“I don’t eat eggs,” Allie protested.

“Since when?”

“Since you started acting stupid. Besides, it’s 5pm. You know I don’t support the whole breakfast for dinner movement.”

“Mmm, you smell that? Bacon…”

“I hate bacon,” Allie lied.

“You’re full of bull, child,” Meredith said.

“Omigosh, you are so lame. You know, these aren’t toddler ears anymore. They won’t break if you curse.”

“Your father would kill me if he heard me curse in front of you.”

Allie could barely hear the whisper that came out of her own mouth, “I’ve got a paper to write. Please just leave me the f— alone.”

Meredith backed out of the room. She knew not to say she was sorry – she knew how much Allie hated “sorry.” People overused it. People constantly did shitty things because they knew they could get away with it by adding sorry to the end. I’m sorry I told people you wanted to kill me. I’m sorry I put your father behind bars. I’m sorry I killed your mother. Scottie was the only one who didn’t say sorry – one point for Scottie.

This concludes your sneak peek. For more information on the murder of Allie’s mother, please visit HEARSAYtheBLOG.


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