It’s a story within a story coming to you one post at a time.

What’s the story?

The week she learned of her father’s execution date was the same as any other
hate-filled week in Allie Mitchell’s life. But when she uncovers an alternate
account of her mother’s murder, the crime for which her father is to be
executed, Allie launches an investigation of her own which threatens to change
her world forever.

What’s the story within the story?

Fifteen years ago, when Allie was still in diapers, her mother Danielle
Mitchell disappeared. Allie’s father, Caleb, quickly became the prime suspect in
the case. But Dani’s best friend, Meredith Williams, doubted Caleb’s involvement
in the crime and took it upon herself to find Dani and clear Caleb’s name.

What’s the schedule?

Every Tuesday, the newest chronicle in Meredith’s story will be posted on HEARSAYtheBLOG.

Every Thursday, a story enhancement will be posted on the HEARSAY Facebook page (Photos, newspaper articles, witness statement, and much more).

As an added bonus, whenever baby Allie is mentioned on HEARSAYtheBLOG, I’ll post a special sneak peek scene from the novel.

Since September 1st is a Saturday, there will be two brand posts during the first week – Post One on Saturday 9/1 and Post Two on Tuesday 9/4.

How do I get to HEARSAYtheBLOG?

By clicking this link:


How do I contact you?

By sending an email to:



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